Living your Dash : Kobe Bryant 8/23/1978 - 1/26/2020

A week ago the sports world was rocked by news of the sudden death of the sports legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter in a helicopter crash.

He was 41 years old. I am not a big follower of sports myself, but was familiar with his name, so he must have been somebody big. As reports started rolling in, I learned more about this long time Lakers player and started hearing the same type of things over and over again....

Kobe was known for his relentless commitment to excellence in his craft, he was the epitome of a sports legend, always pushing himself to be better, his "Mamba Mantality" of never being satisfied with where he was, always striving for more. Fox News described him as having a zest for live, a "drive that was infectious". He inspired others to chase their own vision as he chased his.

Some, if not many, would probably say that Kobe lived life to the full. Even after retiring from basketball, it is said that he threw himself into being a great dad to his four daughters. My...

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I got lost on the subway in New York City!

My family went to New York City for a few days over Christmas. We had some fun and got exercise ice skating in Bryant Park, walking the streets of New York City and Central Park....although we were tempted to hitch a ride in a rickshaw at Central Park!

Ice skating with my girls :)

On our last day there we decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. it was only two stops on the subway from out hotel, so we calculated that we had more than enough time to go do that and still leave at 1:30 pm to get to the airport on time for our 5:30pm flight.

All went well until we got on the wrong train to come back to our hotel!

It makes a difference whether you enter the subway at one street corner or another sometimes if you aren't sure about what you're doing! In our haste, and thinking we could figure it out on our own, we got on the brown line instead of the green, and then found that we couldn't just go to the next stop because they didn't connect there.

We fumbled around looking at the subway app...

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