Rehab, Pre-hab, or both?

Rehab or prehab? Or both? 


Many people think that Physical Therapy is post-operative rehab for those who have undergone surgery, or maybe for someone who’s had a stroke or been hospitalized and has become weak. While it is all those things, it is also so much more.

       Will you or a friend or loved one be having surgery this year?

Something most people do not consider, which Physical Therapy does so well, is PREHAB. What’s that? If you are looking at having hip, knee, shoulder or back surgery, seeing a physical therapist for a course of treatment BEFORE surgery can greatly enhance your recovery after surgery by improving the strength and flexibility of the muscles and soft tissues surrounding the area to be operated on, thus teaching your muscles the motor patterns required for strengthening post-operatively, before you are dealing with the inevitable swelling and pain that surgery will cause which affects the ability of...

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The Price of Motherhood

The Price of Motherhood and Christmas


The popular Christmas song by Boney M rings in my head: “Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day….Hark the Herald angels sing”

It sounds like it was a glorious birth experience, doesn’t it? Yet Mary had just traveled a couple  days on the back of a donkey, at full term! Now that couldn’t have been fun or very comfortable, although maybe it did help to get labor started if there was any doubt that her son Jesus would arrive late to his divinely scheduled birthday. Hopefully Joseph and Mary had been to some kind of birthing prep class because I don’t see mention of any doula or midwife present at this birth…


Motherhood is truly wonderful for the most part, but it does have its challenges, which for some moms, perhaps like Mary, begin before baby is even born. As the baby grows, mom can develop back pain, pubic symphysis pain, which makes even getting in...

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Myth Busters: don't believe the myths! PT can help

Editorial: Myth Busters


Myth: Urinary leakage is a normal part of being a mother

Fact: This is common but NOT normal and should be addressed as soon as possible for best results


Myth: once it starts, urinary leakage is here to stay

Fact: Urinary leakage can be improved or rectified with pelvic floor physical therapy


Myth: It’s too late for women over 40 to do anything about leakage except wear pads

Fact: It’s never too late to seek treatment with a pelvic floor Physical Therapist to make improvements in your pelvic floor strength and have better bladder control, even if you’re already 60.


Myth: If I just do Kegel exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor, my leakage will stop

Fact: if your muscles are already too tight and don’t have flexibility, doing Kegels will only make them tighter and your leaking could get worse. Many women do not know how to properly perform a Kegel. It’s best to be assessed by a trained therapist to...

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What is Pelvic Health?

What is Pelvic Physical Therapy and how can it benefit me? 


Have you ever had to cross your legs and stand still when you sneeze to avoid an embarrassing wet spot on your pants? Ever leaked a little with an unexpected cough? Have you experienced pain in your pelvic area? Is intercourse painful for you? Do you have to sit on the toilet forever and strain to get a bowel movement out? Do you have residual issues since prostate surgery? Have you experienced back pain since pregnancy, delivery or a c-section?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from Pelvic physical therapy.


Were you even aware that Pelvic Physical Therapy is a thing? You may be wondering what it even is. Not all physical therapists are trained in pelvic P.T. which is why you may not have heard of it. Some physical therapists such as myself, choose to do post graduate coursework in the field of pelvic health to be able to serve certain groups of people who need and can greatly...

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I got lost on the subway in New York City!

My family went to New York City for a few days over Christmas. We had some fun and got exercise ice skating in Bryant Park, walking the streets of New York City and Central Park....although we were tempted to hitch a ride in a rickshaw at Central Park!

Ice skating with my girls :)

On our last day there we decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. it was only two stops on the subway from out hotel, so we calculated that we had more than enough time to go do that and still leave at 1:30 pm to get to the airport on time for our 5:30pm flight.

All went well until we got on the wrong train to come back to our hotel!

It makes a difference whether you enter the subway at one street corner or another sometimes if you aren't sure about what you're doing! In our haste, and thinking we could figure it out on our own, we got on the brown line instead of the green, and then found that we couldn't just go to the next stop because they didn't connect there.

We fumbled around looking at the subway app...

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