New Habits for a New Year and a New Home for Vital Life Physical Therapy and Wellness!

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2021

Wow! Who knew that so much would change in our lives in 2020 and still drag on into 2021. Did you, like many other people gain the Covid 15? Or the Covid 20 or 25 and still feel the effects of hunkering down, limiting your activities, doing way too much sitting and not enough getting out and about? Maybe you are still carrying around that extra weight, or just feel stiff and restricted in your movements because you haven’t been exercising as much as you did before, or moving in different ways and you just feel like you need a pick-me-up, a fresh start.


Well, at Vital Life Physical Therapy and wellness you can get just that! We can help you form new habits for improved health in 2022! At the end of November Vital Life P.T moved to a new location, namely the Red Barn building on Tryon road just behind the Target shopping area, and we will be offering Therapeutic Movement classes starting in January, during lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1pm. These will be led by a seasoned physical therapist and will include elements of core strengthening, flexibility, balance, and breathwork.

Sarah is also a Myofascial release therapist and will be incorporating some myofascial stretching and even some self-release elements into these classes which will help with pain reduction and movement enhancement. Space will be limited so booking your spot in class ahead of time will guarantee you a place unless you arrive late and the door has already been locked. All you need to bring is your own yoga mat, comfortable clothes to move around in and your $20 drop-in fee if you haven’t pre-paid. For more info regarding monthly tuition or class bundles, call Kim at (903) 918 5826.


Vital Life Physical Therapy and wellness will also be offering other opportunities to enhance your wellness in 2022, so follow us on social media to stay tuned about updates and additions to our services. If you feel like your body needs an overhaul after the past two years, or even after the Christmas season, come in for an assessment and we can work out a wellness plan for you including some hands-on Myofascial release sessions to work out the stiffness that has built up, address any pain issues that have crept in, and get you back to feeling energetic and ready to make 2022 a great year!  And with Valentine’s day just around the corner, you can give the gift of health with a gift certificate for myofascial release or Therapeutic movement classes.


I look forward to seeing you at The Barn soon!


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