I got lost on the subway in New York City!

My family went to New York City for a few days over Christmas. We had some fun and got exercise ice skating in Bryant Park, walking the streets of New York City and Central Park....although we were tempted to hitch a ride in a rickshaw at Central Park!

Ice skating with my girls :)

On our last day there we decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. it was only two stops on the subway from out hotel, so we calculated that we had more than enough time to go do that and still leave at 1:30 pm to get to the airport on time for our 5:30pm flight.

All went well until we got on the wrong train to come back to our hotel!

It makes a difference whether you enter the subway at one street corner or another sometimes if you aren't sure about what you're doing! In our haste, and thinking we could figure it out on our own, we got on the brown line instead of the green, and then found that we couldn't just go to the next stop because they didn't connect there.

We fumbled around looking at the subway app on my husband's phone, as I had accidentally left the paper map at the hotel this time, and by the time we figured out where to go and what to do to get back to our hotel, we then heard an announcement that the purple trains weren't running that day, Saturday, which threw us into more of a tailspin, as that had been our plan.

We were frustrated, my husband was worried about not getting to the airport on time, and tempers were frayed by the time we reached our hotel about an hour later than we should have!

We felt like the subway was trying to swallow us!

Why do I share that with you?

In looking back at the situation I noted one thing in particular  that we can apply to life in general that I thought worth sharing: we didn't ask the experts!

Had we taken the time to ask someone who rides the subway frequently, even before we got on the first train after walking the Brooklyn Bridge, instead of trying to figure it out on our own, we could have saved ourselves a LOT of time and emotional upheaval.

I tend to see this in my clinic a lot.

People waste valuable healing time by trying to figure out on their own what they need to do fix their back pain, hip, shoulder or neck pain, instead of seeking out the help of a movement and body expert like myself. Moms who have postpartum leaking or back pain go for years before seeking help. In the meantime they waste money on creams and heating pads and other similar things that all may bring temporary relief, but don't fix the root cause of their symptoms. They lose out on valuable productivity at work, or home, or the ability to enjoy family life, sport and leisure activities.

Back to my story: when we got to the hotel we actually asked an employee in the lobby what he would recommend as far as getting to the airport on time. (we had used the metro when we arrived in NYC with our carry-on sized luggage and it was not easy!) The employee said he would recommend we use and UBER that they could arrange for us,with a flat rate of $55.

Even though we could have taken the cheaper (free) route of prepaid subway tickets, we opted for the more expensive option that would get us to the airport quicker and with less stress. And that it did! We got to the airport in 40 minutes, (estimated subway time 90 minutes) not having to worry about crowds, train changes, turnstyles, escalators and luggage.

Did it cost us more?

Yes, in dollars, but it saved us time and gave us peace of mind and that was well worth the money spent!

Sometimes asking the expert does cost more up front, but it will save you valuable time in your healing and productivity, get you back to enjoying life quicker, and give you peace of mind that your situation is being properly taken care of, which is likely far more worthwhile in the end!

So if you or a loved one needs help dealing with pain, headaches, women's health issues such as irregular cycles, pelvic pain or leaking, diastasis recti, c-section or episiotomy scars... if you suffer from frequent constipation  (often linked with pelvic floor weakness and low back pain), send me a message and let's talk.

Ask an expert .... suffer no more!

My travel companion :)


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